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Vol. 39. Issue 5.
Pages 233-304 (May 2020)
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Editors’ network – editorial
Professor John Barlow - The Legend
Manuel J. Antunes
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:233-6
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Original articles
National Registry of Cardiac Electrophysiology (2015/2016)
Helena Gonçalves, Hipólito Reis, Daniel Bonhorst
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:237-41
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
National Registry of Cardiac Electrophysiology 2015/2016: Better late than never?
Leonor Parreira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:243-4
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Indirect costs of myocardial infarction in Portugal
Ana Teresa Timóteo, Miguel Gouveia, Cristina Soares, Rui Cruz Ferreira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:245-51
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
Socioeconomic impact of cardiovascular disease
Ernesto Pereira, Hélder Pereira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:253-4
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EGSYS score for the prediction in cardiac etiology in syncope: Is it useful in an out-patient setting?
João de Sousa Bispo, Pedro Azevedo, Teresa Mota, Raquel Fernandes, João Guedes, Rui Candeias, Nuno Silva Marques, Ana Camacho, Ilídio Jesus
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:255-61
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
The importance of dedicated teams for the management of patients with syncope
Denise Tessariol Hachul
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:263-5
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The prognostic value of elevated matrix metalloproteinase-9 in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-elevation myocardial infarction: A two-year prospective study
Mustafa Umut Somuncu, Hamdi Pusuroglu, Huseyin Karakurt, İsmail Bolat, Seda Tukenmez Karakurt, Ali Riza Demir, Nilgun Isıksacan, Ozgur Akgul, Ozgur Surgit
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:267-76
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
Metalloproteinases as a prognostic marker in ST-elevation myocardial infarction
Jorge Mimoso
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:277-8
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State of art
Chagas cardiomyopathy and heart failure: From epidemiology to treatment
Érico Santos, Luiz Menezes Falcão
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:279-89
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Case report
Levoatrial cardinal vein with left-to-right shunt in a neonate: Multi-imaging diagnosis
Rui J. Cerqueira, Joana O. Miranda, Alexandre Carneiro, Jorge Casanova
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:291-3
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Image in cardiology
Caseous calcification of the mitral annulus in a cardiac arrest survivor
Alzira Nunes, Paulo Araújo, Sofia Torres, Carla Sousa, Mariana Vasconcelos, Maria Júlia Maciel
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:295-7
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Letter to the editor
Caring for cardiac patients amidst the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: The scrambled pieces of the puzzle
Afonso Félix-Oliveira, Manuel de Sousa Almeida, Jorge Ferreira, Rui Campante Teles, Henrique Mesquita Gabriel, Diogo Cavaco, Miguel Mendes
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:299-301
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Brief video comment on the Recommended Article of the Month
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:303
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