Journal Information
Vol. 38. Issue 6.
Pages 391-460 (June 2019)
Issue in English
New perspectives
Practical guide for the use of PCSK9 inhibitors in Portugal
Ricardo Fontes-Carvalho, Pedro Marques Silva, Elisabete Rodrigues, Francisco Araújo, Cristina Gavina, Jorge Ferreira, João Morais
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:391-405
Open access
Original articles
Keeping prognostic assessment simple: The value of clinical features in normotensive cancer patients with pulmonary embolism
Joana Moura Ferreira, Sara Moura-Ferreira, Rui Baptista, Rita Ferreira, João Madaleno, Nuno Silva, Maria João Ferreira, Mariano Pego
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:407-15
Open access
Original Articles
Editorial comment
Clinical findings remain paramount
Gláucia Maria Moraes Oliveira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:417-8
Open access
Metformin monotherapy significantly decreases epicardial adipose tissue thickness in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients
Murat Ziyrek, Serkan Kahraman, Emrah Ozdemir, Ali Dogan
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:419-23
Open access
Original Articles
Editorial comment
Epicardial adipose tissue: An important therapeutic target
Cristina M. Sena
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:425-6
Open access
Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors and other comorbidities in patients with hypertension in Portuguese primary health care populations: The PRECISE study
Pedro Marques da Silva, Maria João Lima, Pedro Macedo Neves, Mário Espiga de Macedo
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:427-37
Open access
Original Articles
Editorial comment
Control of risk factors in hypertensive patients: A task to fulfill
Manuela Fiuza
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:439-40
Open access
Genetic variants identified by target next-generation sequencing in heart transplant patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
Elisabete Martins, Alexandra Sousa, Paulo Canedo, Sérgio Leite, Roberto Pinto, Manuel Campelo, Sandra Amorim, Brenda Moura, José Manuel Lopes, José Carlos Machado, José Silva Cardoso
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:441-7
Open access
Original Articles
Editorial comment
Genomic characterization in dilated cardiomyopathy
Marina C. Costa
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:449-50
Open access
Review article
Importance of cardiac implantable electronic devices in the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome
Sílvia Ribeiro, Laura Bonito, Maria José Guimarães, João Português, Bernardete Rodrigues, Assunção Alves, Célia Durães, Daniela Ferreira, Victor Sanfins, António Lourenço
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:451-5
Open access
Case report
A pregnant woman with a mechanical prosthetic valve
Gonçalo J. Morgado, Inês R. Cruz, Ana Catarina Gomes, Ana Rita Almeida, Maria José Loureiro, Carlos Cotrim, Hélder Pereira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:457.e1-3
Open access
Image in cardiology
The heart in an air bubble
Sara Moura-Ferreira, Anabela Tavares, Dinis Martins
Rev Port Cardiol. 2019;38:459-60
Open access
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