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Vol. 39. Issue 1.
Pages 1-54 (January 2020)
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A new page in the history of the Portuguese Journal of Cardiology
Nuno Cardim
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:1-2
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Original articles
Current costs of heart failure in Portugal and expected increases due to population aging
Miguel Rebordão de Almeida Gouveia, Raquel Maria Sousa e Silva Ascenção, Francesca Fiorentino, João Nuno Marques Parracho Guerra da Costa, Paula Maria Broeiro-Gonçalves, Maria Cândida Faustino Gamito da Fonseca, Margarida de Fátima Palma Feria Borges
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:3-11
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
Heart failure: The value of evidence-supported decision-making
Dulce Brito
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:13-6
Open access
Whole blood viscosity in microvascular angina and coronary artery disease: Significance and utility
Elif Ijlal Cekirdekci, Baris Bugan
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:17-23
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Original articles
Original Articles
Editorial comment
Hemorheology, microcirculation and macrocirculation
Carlota Saldanha
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:25-6
Open access
Impact of public health initiatives on acute coronary syndrome fatality rates in Portugal
Daisy Abreu, Paulo Sousa, Carlos Matias-Dias, Fausto Pinto
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:27-34
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Original articles
Original Articles
Editorial comment
Preventing premature mortality from cardiovascular disease: A prime goal
José Eduardo Aguiar
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:35-6
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Review article
Update on myocardial blood flow quantification by positron emission tomography
Joana Fernandes, Maria João Ferreira, Luís Leite
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:37-46
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Case report
Dyspnea in antiphospholipid syndrome: Beyond pulmonary embolism
Carolina Sepúlveda, Débora Repolho, Ana Margarida Antunes, Anna Viola Taulaigo, Filipa Carreiro, Rui Cruz Ferreira, Maria Francisca Moraes-Fontes, Maria José Loureiro
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:47.e1-47.e5
Open access
Image in cardiology
Persistent left superior vena cava and double-lumen aortic arch in a patient with a stenotic unicuspid aortic valve
Tomáš Toporcer, Martin Ledecký, Adrián Kolesár, Miroslav Gejguš, Martin Sivčo, František Sabol
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:49-51
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Brief video comment on the recommended article of the month
Rev Port Cardiol. 2020;39:53
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