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Vol. 37. Issue 4.
Pages 279-362 (April 2018)
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Perspectives in cardiology
Standardization of laboratory lipid profile assessment: A call for action with a special focus on the 2016 ESC/EAS dyslipidemia guidelines – Executive summary
Pedro Marques da Silva, João Sequeira Duarte, Pedro von Hafe, Victor Gil, Jorge Nunes de Oliveira, Germano de Sousa
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:279-83
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Original articles
Body adiposity is associated with risk of high blood pressure in Portuguese schoolchildren
Paulo Rogério Melo Rodrigues, Rosangela Alves Pereira, Augusta Gama, Isabel Mourão Carvalhal, Helena Nogueira, Vitor Rosado-Marques, Cristina Padez
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:285-92
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
How heavy is the impact of childhood obesity on cardiovascular risk?
Helena Ferreira Mansilha
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:293-5
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Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of a European Portuguese version of the 8-item Morisky medication adherence scale
Ana C. Cabral, Mariana Moura-Ramos, Margarida Castel-Branco, Fernando Fernandez-Llimos, Isabel V. Figueiredo
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:297-303
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Original Articles
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Therapeutic adherence: The elephant in the room
António Miguel Ferreira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:305-6
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A new look at the prevalence of atrial fibrillation in Portugal: The Safira study
Daniel Bonhorst
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:315-7
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Original Articles
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Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring profiles in a cross-sectional analysis of a large database of normotensive and true or suspected hypertensive patients
Sara Araújo, Ana Rouxinol-Dias, José Mesquita-Bastos, José Silva, Loide Barbosa, Jorge Polónia
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:319-27
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Original Articles
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Importance of three-dimensional speckle tracking in the assessment of left atrial and ventricular dysfunction in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1
Henrique Guedes, Nuno Moreno, Rui Pontes dos Santos, Leonor Marques, Daniel Seabra, Adriana Pereira, Aurora Andrade, Paula Pinto
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:333-8
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Original Articles
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Three-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography: The future is now
Rogério Teixeira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:339-40
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Review article
Congenital coronary artery anomalies
Andrea Silva, Maria João Baptista, Emanuel Araújo
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:341-50
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Case reports
Autonomic cardiovascular control and cardiac arrhythmia in two pregnant women with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Insights from ICD monitoring
Pietro Francia, Carmen Adduci, Beatrice Musumeci, Lorenzo Semprini, Francesca Palano, Luigi Zezza, Massimo Volpe, Camillo Autore
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:351.e1-4
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Purulent pericarditis and Pasteurella multocida: An extremely rare combination
Raquel Ferreira, José Martins, Tiago Adrega, Sara Pinto, Sofia Nunes, Rita Pancas, Anabela Gonzaga, José Santos
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:353.e1-4
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Images in cardiology
Acquired fistula from left anterior descending artery to coronary sinus: An unusual finding during percutaneous coronary intervention
Ana Rita G. Francisco, Miguel Nobre de Menezes, Fausto J. Pinto, Pedro Canas da Silva
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:355-7
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Bioresorbable vascular scaffold restenosis treated with sirolimus-eluting balloon: Optical coherence tomography findings
Javier Cuesta, Marcos García-Guimaraes, Teresa Bastante, Fernando Rivero, Ramón Maruri, Fernando Alfonso
Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:359-60
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Rev Port Cardiol. 2018;37:361
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